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New stage, new projects.

We begin this new stage with a project that fills us with enthusiasm: The objective is to make you part of our projects, progress and successes and to make our family closer.

In this space you can find different articles that we will share with you on a multitude of topics. We want to share with you our concerns and those topics that may be of interest to you, may help you or tell you about upcoming projects and events in which we participate.

As you well know, we have three branches of work: the entertainment company, the gymnast training school and the competition teams. There are three areas that, although it may not seem like it, are closely linked to each other.

Participate, share, enjoy.

We want to share with you the events in which we participate and, as far as possible, you can come see it and share it with us, discuss topics of interest to gymnasts and their families, and countless things that come to mind. We want this to be a live channel between you and us so you can leave us comments and we will read and respond.

And of course, do not forget that you also have our social networks where you can also be up to date with everything our artists and gymnasts do. You can see the instagram of the club or the entertainment company.

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